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Graham, Cardiff
Living in Flats - now there's a memory from my student days in the Polytechnic of Wales circa 1980, when stripey long sleeve T shirts and hairy arms were in vogue. And not a bad tune either. In fact I bought the single. Good to see you back, but when are you going to do the concert/s?

Hi Graham, thanks for the message - it's the first one we've had. Our next gig is on Friday 19th September at The Club, Queen Victoria Road, Llanelli - we're in the process of arranging other dates which we'll include on the site or on our MySpace page. Cheers, AP.

The Band again
And here's the second - rhif dau os gwelwch yn dda !

we'll soon fill the page at this rate - we'll be scrollin' and tumblin' in no time at all !

The Band
ok - here's a message just to get us off the ground.

well that's got the ball rolling.