Andy Pandemonium

• 2008 reunion - Gig List.

Sun 23rd Nov 2008 - Milkwoodjam, Swansea
Sat  27th Dec 2008 - Queen Victoria Club, Llanelli

• 2008 reunion - the sequel.

Andy Pandemonium was formed in the summer of 1979 and entertained audiences until 1983 with their variety of unusual quirky tunes such as Mine's a Lamb Kebab and I don't seem to be quite Normal.
Lead singer Roj often recited the tale of his uncle Jack's Circus act burning down only to re-emerge years later with a fantastic troupe of dancing Poodles.
After a break of 25 years the five original members of Andy Pandemonium have decided to re-emerge and to unleash their songs upon their unsuspecting audiences once again.   They aim to start gigging during the summer of 2008 but there are no dancing poodles - they won't be trained in time.